Monday, March 12, 2012

Don't Let Summer Sabotage Your Style

Summer is almost here and the warm weather probably has you peeling off your layers and pulling on your shorts. Yet as the temperatures rise and you begin to break a sweat while simply sitting on the porch, don't let your style suffer.
In many areas, warm weather can be synonymous with casual clothing. Just think about it - head to the beach and chances are your mode of dress barely consists of more than a tank top and shorts or a simple dress teamed with a pair of flip flops or thongs. Or if you're at home you may be wearing the exact same thing and wishing you were at the beach. It's summertime and the living' is easy. Yet don't let the more casual of seasons sabotage your style or your credibility. With a few tips you can tweak your chic while keeping your cool.
1. Business Casual does NOT mean Casual - There is a fine line between business casual and casual dress, and often times it can be confusing to know what's appropriate. Generally speaking, avoid anything that you'd wear to the beach or around the house such as flip-flops, logo tee shirts, sheer and voluminous dresses, jean shorts, tops and dresses that are strapless or have spaghetti straps, and shorts in general are no-no's when it comes to the workplace. Rule of thumb: if you're not sure, the answer is 'no'!
2. White Isn't Always Right - Years ago you'd hear to wear white undies beneath your white pants, and a white bra under your white top. Well, today that's not the way to do it. Wearing white under your whites will only show and create a distraction where you'd prefer discretion. Opt for skin tone colored bras and panties and keep your unmentionables under wraps.
3. Stray Straps - Going lighter in your clothing sometimes mean that your bra straps can find their way into the daylight. If this is the case, you'd be better off going for a different top or dress, or perhaps covering up with a jacket or cardigan. Brightly colored bras are not the solution! Visible bra straps are just plain sloppy. Wear a tank to cover them up if necessary.
4. Boyfriend Sweatshirt - Sure, your office gets chilly, but avoid pulling out a jacket that looks like you borrowed it from your boyfriend. Big, baggy and boxy jackets that do nothing but hide your outfit while keeping you warm will undermine your look. Opt for a more fitted jacket that complements your style and helps you look great.
5. Feet First - If you opt for bare sandals, be sure your feet are ready to make their debut. A pedicure can help you to avoid feet that are rough, dry and unsightly. Add a pretty coat of polish, whether nude or bright, to keep your feet looking their best.
Don't use summer as an excuse to let your appearance go. Sure, your look may be a little more casual, but that doesn't have to mean sloppy or frumpy. Take a little time to be sure and add in those little touches that can mean the difference between frumpy and fabulous!
Happy Summer!

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